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Why We Do What We Do
Reading with Magnifying Glass
Kids in Preschool
Raising Arms
Kindergarten Guide
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Providing a safe learning environment is critical to creating a peaceful and confident space for students to try new things. All staff are background checked and the campus provides many security features.


Our program takes a holistic approach to education by incorporating the three main  learning styles (audible/kinesthetic/visual), the five senses, and teachable moments to help students recall information faster and with more accuracy.

Holistic Education

Our staff is comprised of caring and experienced teachers who want to see your child succeed. Whether they're cheering them on, explaining a new concept, or helping them process their emotions, our staff show up each and every day ready to make your child's day fun and educational.

Caring Teachers

Our campus has been designed to offer a wide variety of educational and fun elements both inside and outside our daycare center. 

Fun Environment

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Our Programs

Our school offers classes for students 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

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Infants Baby Program

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Weebler Baby Program

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Teeters Baby Program

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Two's Toddler Program

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Threes Preschool Program

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Fours Preschool Program

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Elementary & Afterschool Program

Congratulations Bright Minds Preschool Class of 2023!

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