Big kids


In our Big Kids program our teachers invest in your child by:

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Exploring deep subjects such as space, faith, different cultures, and more.

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Inspiring deep and meaningful conversations among their peers that are facilitated by staff.

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We believe in taking great adventures...whether we are cooking, doing science experiments or art projects we are having FUN! 

"Bright Minds was nothing shy of a blessing! It's a toss up of what we appreciated the most: the incredible learning experienced our kids engaged in or the warm compassionate character building helping to shape them." 

- Aubrey (Parent of Elementary Student)

Big Kids Teachers

Ms. Brooke

Hi, My name is Brooke. I have been working with kids of all ages since July 2018. I love working with kids as they are creative, funny, and our future! I’m not exactly sure as to the direction I want in the future, but I know I would like to work with kids. I also love painting, taking pictures, and hiking.